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Dwayne has sought to use his experience “on the dark side” by relating to teen boys who are at risk of choosing a destructive path. Coming to Hope because a godly, bold, older woman pursued him with the gospel, he now has a passion to reach neighborhood teens who have little exposure to godly male influence. After graduating from Hope, Dwayne served a year with Youth With A Mission and then worked at Hope for a few years. During his time at Hope, he received a B.A. in Bible from Liberty University, furthering his preparation for beings a resource of hope for young men in the streets.

Jack Roberts, Director of Hope Christian Center

My name is Dwayne Hobbs and I am a graduate of Hope Christian Center. I came to Hope in 2005, when I was twenty nine years old. My life before I came to Hope was filled with the hopeless pursuit of personal happiness through the street life and all that came with it. I was abandoned at birth and although I was adopted at a young age, I had serious issues connecting with my family. I chose to turn to the street lifestyle that surrounded me at a young age and spent years living a life that involved gangs, jail, drugs and everything else that comes with it.

I was directed to Hope by the woman who became my spiritual mother after she had been presenting the gospel to me in many ways. At first I did not want to come to Hope Center as I did not trust people at the time and was doubtful a place like this could really help me change my life. I was first challenged through an introductory phone call, which took place between Pastor David Mapes who is the assistant director of Hope Center and myself. He really spoke to my heart and this challenged me to respond to what God was doing in my life.
nship with the Holy God of the Bible.
During my time at Hope Center, through the dedicated teaching of His word, God began to work on my character. Hope Christian Center is a very special place. I had never been in a place were the word of God was taught and compared to everyday life. I had heard the word preached before, but never taught like this. The programs director, Pastor Jack Roberts who is one of the main teachers. Has an extraordinary ability to present great biblical truths and their applications to everyday life. Through very challenging topics men are confronted with their true standing before a Holy God. All of the Instructors at Hope Center (Pastor Bob Hall, Pastor David Mapes, Alcides Espinoza) taught the unadulterated true gospel of Jesus Christ. It was here God really revealed to me the truths of His gospel.

Although I had lived a life that was obviously against the truths revealed by God. I had never been confronted with the Bible’s teachings, that we are all sinners by nature. The Bible clearly teaches no one is righteous before God in and of themselves. At Hope Center all of the teaching centers around and back to this truth. At first I rejected this as not being true. I thought (As many people do) although I had done many wrong things in my life. There were good deeds I had done or desired to do and certainly if I had not been abandon at birth and grew up in a perfectly normal family, I would have never run the streets and been involved in the things I had. I would have went to college right away and got a good job and etc… Truthfully a lot of that is true and many of my outward circumstances would have been different. The teachings of the Bible through Hope Christian Center revealed to me the inner corruption of our human hearts (Our sin nature).

Like I said at first I rejected this teaching, thinking I am a good person, deep down like a diamond in the rough, waiting to be found. One illustration used to help me see my sin was. If there was no authority over me, no parents, no police, no government and no God, if I was king of all I saw and could do whatever I wanted, to whomever I wanted. What type of things would I do (Feel free to put yourself in this illustration)? It was then the Holy Spirit gave me a glimpse of my true corrupted self-centered heart. If this was the case I found out I was capable of some horrible things. I found out my sin nature exposes how capable I am to do any evil act given the opportunity. For even if I came from a perfect family and a perfect past. I would still be full of all types of lust, anger, bitterness, hate and etc… If I were able to try and satisfy them, I would at others expense. I also had done many things I now regretted satisfying myself. It was this teaching that showed me my guilt before a Holy God. It showed me my absolute need for Jesus Christ.

I could never stand before a Holy God and be righteous. I deserved his judgment and his punishment, eternal separation in hell. Oh thanks be to God his true love is revealed in the sacrifice given in the form of Jesus Christ. Now I know I can stand in front of God with the righteousness of Jesus Christ. It was here God took the final step and changed my life forever. I will be always grateful for Hope Christian Center. I give thanks for the staff that was there and their dedication. To not only teaching the gospel but also living it. Since graduating from Hope, I have gone on to obtain my bachelors degree from Liberty University in religion. I now pursue to engage in youth ministry outreach in any ways that I can, including coaching youth sports, taking kids to Christian camp, also mentoring and building relationship with youth in my community to point them toward Jesus. As I have come to know that Jesus is the only Hope that this world has for peace and a loving relationship with the Holy God of the Bible.