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Hope's History

Since its beginning in the late 1960’s, Hope has been a lighthouse for men in need of radical change. As Rev. Sammy and Arlene Santos reached out to drug addicts and alcoholics, their burden gave birth to Hope Christian Center in the winter of 1969. A board of directors was formed, buildings were purchased and Hope began to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. For 15 years Hope was an oasis of living water in one of the worst ghettos in America, the south Bronx. In 1984 Hope moved to its present location and in 1989 purchased another house (Manasseh) to use as a residence for men with AIDS. When that particular ministry was no longer needed, in 1995 we began to use Manasseh as the Fourth Phase of the program: after a student had completed six months of training he was eligible to live there as he sought employment. By 2014 Manasseh was no longer needed as a transition phase and it was sold. The program was reduced in size and length but its purpose and policies have remained the same. Having men stay in the Bronx for the duration of the program provides us many opportunities to apply the Word of God to real-life urban situations as we walk a man through reconciliation with family and the search for meaningful employment and a nurturing church.