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Men of Hope: Stories of Grace from The Bronx

Learn more about Hope Center through this book of testimonies from graduates of the program.

Earl Stocker

Earl was an atheist when he came to Hope…but he had a godly mother and a loving sister and brother-in-law who were praying for him. Long story short, God interrupted his unbelief and re-directed his life in amazing ways. He stayed at Hope for three years after...

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Dwayne Hobbs

Dwayne has sought to use his experience “on the dark side” by relating to teen boys who are at risk of choosing a destructive path. Coming to Hope because a godly, bold, older woman pursued him with the gospel, he now has a passion to reach neighborhood teens who have...

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Albert Gonzalez

Albert is one of those multi-talented men we often have as students at Hope: an exceptional artist, a master barber, an engaging conversationalist and an energetic worker. Although his wife’s ‘tough love’ is what got him to come to Hope, the gracious love of Christ is...

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Darrell Gordon

Darrell is one of those people you can’t help but like: he smiles almost constantly and his good-natured personality shows he is genuine. From the beginning of his time at Hope, he exhibited a hunger to know the Lord and live his life as a follower of Christ. After...

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Allen King

Allen is a friendly, honest and earnest man now but when he came to Hope he was a troubled young man running from trouble. He got more than he bargained for when he came to Hope: he found the Lord. Even through the stresses of life as a husband and father, Allen has...

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Michael West

Mike came to Hope and wanted to leave every day for three months. We told him he would have to walk over the George Washington Bridge because his family wouldn’t help him and we wouldn’t give him the money. He stayed. The Word of God began to rearrange the scattered...

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